Five Biggest Time Wasters on a Construction Site


  1. Answering your phone

Mobile phone time sheet entry

Answering your phone every time it rings is one of the biggest time wasters on the job site. If you are in the middle of a task a phone call can not only distract you but can end up wasting the time of your co-workers if they are counting on you to provide information or support.  Scheduling time throughout the day to review your voice mails will improve your productivity. Go one step further and setup voicemail to text with you cellphone provider for faster review of what needs immediate attention and what can wait till the end of the day.


  1. Looking for tools

In the heat of the moment it may seem like a good idea to “just put it here for now” but we all know that taking a few extra minutes now to get that tool back in the assigned spot will save time later as well as reduce the risk of tool loss.



  1. Using the wrong tool

If you do find yourself looking for the tool you need do not be tempted to make do with in improper tool. You will spend more time trying to make the wrong tool do the wrong job. You also run the risk of damage or injury creating even more time lost.


  1. Not making a clear plan for the day

The pressure of meeting deadlines can make planning time seem like a waste of time but 30 minutes spent clearly planning the day with your crew eliminate questions, clarification, and mistakes that could eat up hours of your day.


  1. Outdated Timekeeping

Are you and your crew still using paper time sheets?  Using an online time sheet system will eliminate employees searching for their paper time sheets as well as the need for those sheets to get collected and information entered for payroll. Even for a company with as little as 3 employees the time savings could calculate into several hours per week.  The data collected with online time sheets can be used to analyze where the employee labor is being spent allowing for even better time management.

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