laptop and smart phones


Our Online Timesheet Mobile Web Application is fully responsive. That means it doesn’t matter what device you would prefer to use. Enjoy the same dynamic power while using a smart phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer!


Smart Phone

Mobile Friendly

We understand how important it is to make entering time sheets as simple and as fast as possible. That’s why users are able to submit their time sheets using their smart phones. It’s as easy as surfing the web or sending a text.


Desktop Wizard


Our set up wizard will guide you through the steps needed to start using your Customized Online Time Sheet System. There are 6 steps that you are guided through. It only takes a few minutes to get up and running with your own system. There are examples along the way to help you set up your system specifically for your industry.




  • Run detailed payroll and billing reports.
  • Billing reports are broken out by job titles, users, and tasks
  • You can view cost analysis reports to track labor costs per project
  • Use historical labor information broken out by tasks and job titles to refine future bidding
  • Export all reports into nicely formatted spreadsheets in “CSV” file. Or select .xls, .pdf, .csv, print, copy, or export.
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Payroll Report

Payroll Reports

When logged in as an Administrator, you will be able to run powerful Payroll reports detailing how many hours each employee worked, what day was worked, which tasks were performed, and a brief description of the work completed.

Billing Report

Billing Reports

Using the Billling Report Module, an Adminstrator can view and download a billing report for any project. These reports are broken out by job titles such as foreman, carpenter, painter, electrician, etc, date, tasks, task codes, employee, and work description.

Export Your Reports

Exporting Reports

Also as an Administrator, you can export all of these reports into an excel spreadsheet, a csv file, a pdf file or even copy the results to the clip board.

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