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Use our Cost Savings Calculator to see the projected savings for your company
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Common FAQs about the Free Trial

When does the free trial start?
Your free trial starts the same day a timesheet is entered into the system. If you set up your system and start using it the same day, that is the day your free trial starts. If you want us to do some customizations for you, your free trial starts after the customizations are complete and your employees start submitting timesheets.

How much do customizations cost?
Customizations are free during the free trial. All custom reports are free forever. Just contact your support specialist to discuss the custom report and we will create it for you and implement it into your timesheet system. If your customization requires database modifications, we will quote you the price for those more complex specific customizations.

Do I need a credit card for the Free Trial?
No. You do not need a credit card to set up your Free Trial and start using your system. After 30 days when the Free Trial expires and an Administrator sign in, they will be directed to choose the subscription package that is right for their company.

Do you have more Questions?
Just give us a call.
or send us an email.